Click links below to download a pre-made email worksheet to fill in and send back to my email address

(fill in the Word doc then email as an attachment)

TAXEMAIL(for individuals)

TAXEBIZ(for tradesmen and small business)

and the tax return is half done!

Alternatively, bring the following when you come in:

A copy of last years tax return if you have it, along with:

1. Group Certificate from employer

2. Details of Interest earned

3. Dividends Received

4. Other Income


1. A list of your claims (I do not need to see your receipts unless your claims are for large expenses for work related expenses)

2. List of Donations to charity

3. Other Claims

John will advise you on the hidden tax offsets to which you may be entitled!

Who is the Tax Guy?

Many qualified accountants don’t do small returns. John loves it! A chance to help the Aussie battler, who sometimes just doesn’t know what tax concessions he or she is entitled to, in a professional manner